The List: aka ‘It’s good to have goals’

One month into Cindy Files, I’ve met my goal of pursuing one adventure a week, although I haven’t hit anything resembling a regular schedule.

Before I hit “Publish” on my first post, I had a list of more than 100 activities that I wanted to pursue. The List is a living document, with ideas being added as others fall off. Already, I have missed two events I had wanted to participate in.

Today, I share The List with readers.

I’d love to hear your suggestions of activities I might pursue.

The big rules:

  • Most List items should be something I can do relatively easily. Neither money nor time is limitless.
  • Most should be within a two- to three-hour drive of Columbus, Ohio. I have a number of travel dreams, and that part of the list will grow forever.
    Still, if you think of some locale that I should not miss, please tell me.
  • I will not be killing anything living, unless maybe an invasive species overtaking my yard.

Here is The List, as it stands, in no particular order.  Please send me email with your ideas; I’d love to hear.  And remember,  easily accessible is good.

I will keep The List updated, with a link in the sidebar at right.

The list

  1. Shoot a gun.
  2. Make Italian wedding soup.
  3. Visit the Ohio Statehouse.
  4. See the Pizzuti Collection in Downtown Columbus.
  5. Visit the newly renovated Columbus Museum of Art.
  6. Master the making of a pie crust.
  7. Learn how to tie a tie.
  8. Make ravioli.
  9. Visit Cedar Bog in spring.
  10. Change a tire.
  11. Grow plants from seed.
  12. Get better at bird IDs, especially from sound.
  13. Learn to drive manual transmission.
  14. Play in the fountain Downtown.
  15. Create a blog.
  16. Take a ride in a hot air balloon.
  17. Make deviled eggs.
  18. Try archery.
  19. Work the polls.
  20. Put up a yard sign.
  21. Create a native garden in Florida.
  22. Try running.
  23. Get my bike back in working order.
  24. See a panther in the wild.
  25. See a skunk, alive, in Ohio.
  26. Play paintball.
  27. Sleep in a treehouse (Mohican state forest).
  28. See Rocky Horror Picture Show at Studio 35.
  29. Go to a baseball game at Huntington Park.
  30. See the Blue Jackets play.
  31. Take a jewelry-making class.
  32. Start a writing group.
  33. Rewrite my book.
  34. Write an illustrated children’s book.
  35. Exercise daily.
  36. Bake challah.
  37. Harvest watercress.
  38. Pick coffee beans.
  39. Try haggis.
  40. Baby-sit.
  41. Take a Photoshop class.
  42. Take a carpentry class.
  43. Visit all the Metro Parks.
  44. Go to Ohio Village.
  45. Read one of the original Nancy Drews and compare to the modern version. Read a Hardy Boys.
  46. Watch at least five of the Oscar nominees.
  47. Learn to fold napkins in fancy shapes.
  48. Make cards for an event.
  49. Take a painting class.
  50. Make Christmas ornaments.
  51. Have an estate sale.
  52. Take a Segway tour of Columbus.
  53. Visit the casino in Columbus.
  54. Study gemology.
  55. Look for fallen deer antlers.
  56. Vanquish the weeds in our garden.
  57. Tour the Supreme Court Building in Columbus.
  58. Make a wind chime.
  59. Take a pottery class.
  60. Visit Washington, D.C., as a tourist to see newer museums.
  61. Drive around the Great Lakes.
  62. Serve on a board of an organization.
  63. Learn to play bridge or poker.
  64. Learn CPR.
  65. Take a class at Glass Axis.
  66. Try tai chi or kickboxing.
  67. Go to jazz night at the Clintonville Women’s Club.
  68. Try pilates.
  69. Tour the Harry London Chocolate Factory.
  70. Visit the First Ladies’ Library in Canton.
  71. Hike Hocking Hills in winter.
  72. Take dance classes. Salsa? Ballroom?
  73. Visit the Kent Bog.
  74. Audition for a local production.
  75. Make a nest box.
  76. See the bats in Austin, Texas.
  77. Drive to Florida and count the sex shops and spas on the way.
  78. Visit Cranberry Bog.
  79. Stay in one of those odd hotels, like the Dog Bark Inn.
  80. Visit Rock City.
  81. Visit the Rock Hall of Fame.
  82. See Stan Hywet at Christmas.
  83. Make cookies for no reason.
  84. Master my mother’s raisin cookies.
  85. Go horseback riding.
  86. Get published in the NYT.
  87. Buy and master a DSLR camera.
  88. Take a class in flower arranging.
  89. Go indoor skydiving.
  90. Swim under a waterfall.
  91. Visit the Hawaiian Islands I’ve not yet seen.
  92. Go to Mammoth Cave.
  93. Get used to a different kind of employment.
  94. Make my own tea.
  95. Finish the drapes for the kitchen.
  96. Learn to knit.
  97. Learn to carve.
  98.  Clean the house fully, including windows, closets, walls.
  99.  Cook meals daily for a week.
  100. Look for skunk cabbage.
  101. . Go to the family reunion in 2017.
  102. Take a load of goods to a Native American school.
  103. Lead a tour.
  104. Eat for an entire week on gift cards.
  105. Learn to sail.
  106. Learn origami.
  107. Do a police ride along.
  108. Learn how to do makeup.
  109. Make soap.
  110. Take a self-defense class.
  111. Hold a mystery dinner.
  112. Try pole dancing.
  113. Visit the Smokies.
  114. Try kite surfing.
  115. Pan for gold.
  116. Look for diamonds.
  117. Try a stand-up paddleboard.
  118. Go Zorbing.
  119. Go clamming.
  120. See the redwoods.
  121. Sleep at the Ice Hotel.
  122. Get back into yoga regularly.
  123. Hunt for morels.
  124. Meet the soup Nazi.
  125. Get my nails done.
  126. Take the trance dance class.
  127. Have a waterfall tour in Ohio.
  128. Get back into swimming.
  129. Catch up with friends.
  130. Find the Riverboxes of Dublin.
  131. Visit the kettle lake near Ravenna.
  132. Visit Newport Aquarium.
  133. Visit Berea, Kenucky.
  134. Visit Yellowstone.
  135. Visit the Grand Canyon. Hike the north rim.
  136. Have a wine-tour, covered-bridge weekend in Ohio.
  137. Visit the Biosphere in Arizona.
  138. Visit a defunct missile site.
  139. Visit Ohio’s remaining prairies when in bloom.
  140. Visit the Grand Canyon of the east.
  141. Take scuba classes.
  142. Go to New River for Bridge Day.
  143. See Hoover Dam and take the hard-hat tour.
  144. Take a riverboat down the Mississippi or Columbia.
  145. Take a train trip across Canada.
  146. See the 2017 eclipse from Kentucky.
  147. Try a pogo stick.
  148. Start a fire with just sticks.
  149. Master a hula hoop.
  150. Sign up for PreCheck.
  151. Visit the OSU Labyrinth.
  152. Feed a hummingbird from hand.
  153. Visit Costa Rica or Belize.
  154. Visit the Miller Sanctuary in Highland County.
  155. Take a wildlife safari in Africa.
  156. Visit Nova Scotia.
  157. Visit Channel Islands National Park.
  158. Visit Glacier National Park.
  159. Have a meal at Per Se.
  160. Go on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls.
  161. Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
  162. Visit the St. Louis Arch.
  163. Visit the 9/11 sites in Pennsylvania, New York and D.C.
  164. Hike several days on the Florida or Appalachian Trails.
  165. Go to Skydeck in Chicago.
  166. Eat a pick-your-own mango.
  167. Sleep in a fire lookout.
  168. Camp several days at Dry Tortugas.
  169. See Manson’s hideout in Death Valley.
  170. Camp at the Gila Cliff Dwellings.
  171. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  172. See the Anza-Borrego in bloom.
  173. Visit Woodhenge and Stonehenge.
  174. Sleep in a lighthouse.
  175. Visit a working sugar shack.
  176. Visit the Plains during crane migration season.
  177. See a wild pangolin.
  178. See a resplendent quetzal in the wild.
  179. Visit Antarctica.
  180. See a wild sloth.
  181. See a wild bear in Florida.
  182. Watch bears feed during a salmon run.
  183. Visit Alaska.
  184. See the northern lights.
  185. Paddle in a bayou.
  186. Find a Venus flytrap in the wild,








3 Replies to “The List: aka ‘It’s good to have goals’”

  1. Go to a cooking class. I recommend a Parisian evening.

    Take a Web design class online. Not only will your blog make more sense, but you’ll be able to build a companion website, too, if you want. Go through a community college. About $100. It pays for itself.

    Go to a big summer concert, especially for a newer artist.

    Subscribe to a new magazine, like Food And Wine or National Geographic Travel.

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