Life interruptus; it happens

After an embarrassingly long absence that I will attribute to technical difficulties – as in my lungs were not working so well – I have turned a corner.  These days,  I can breathe.

Almost Every. Single. Day.  That is huge.

Until about two years ago, breathing was that automatic but quite necessary function that I assumed would cooperate when I needed. Which is pretty much all the time. When breathing became less reliable, I began a round of doctor visits that took me through most medical specialties in a quest to solve a mystery.

I kept thinking the next test or procedure would clarify everything and life would be back to normal. It wasn’t.

Although I haven’t been posting on the blog these past, er, few months, I have undertaken some of the less-strenuous goals on my “Let’s try  that!” list while learning about eosinophils, rheumatology, parasites and fungus. (None of those had not been on the “to-do” list and frankly I’d have been grateful to have skipped them.)

But with a new year and renewed energy, I am committed to resuming my blog and steadily working my way through my ever-expanding list. It seems that whenever I knock one thing off, I think of two to add.

And I aim to try out my healing lungs.

Stay tuned.

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